Neosense Features

Neosense is bursting with features

Content Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Friendly

Neosense generates user-friendly content and search engine-friendly source codes. You can set your own permalinks, metadata and taxonomy.


Create and schedule web pages and blog entries in advance. You decide when and for which time period pages and blog entries will be posted on your website.

Word Overview

Get a clear overview of words. Count and sort words based on their length, and select and copy sorted words for SEO.


Neosense supports channels for connecting to other software like social media, ecommerce, emarketing, email clients, website statistics.

Social Media

Use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest in Neosense. Choose the Social Media Channels you prefer.

RSS Reader

Subscribe to other websites and blogs using RSS feeds. Read your RSS feeds in Neosense.

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics in Neosense to monitor and utilize your website statistics.