Neosense Features

Neosense is bursting with features

Content Management

Web Fonts

Neosense supports up to 500 special fonts for the Web enabling you to create an optimal user-experience.


Create and design dynamic pages using tables. Provide tables with background images, colors and colored borders for excellent user experience.


Making up forms is easy. Just drag & drop form fields until you've created the form you need.

Spell Check

Check for spelling mistakes in your content while editing. Neosense supports up to 100 dictionaries.

Handling Images

Professional Graphic
File Formats

Neosense supports reading and writing professional graphical file formats like TIFF and PSD (Photoshop).

Smart Image Handling

Neosense automatically resizes and scales images in the text editor. Images are optimized upon saving for a better loading performance.

Image Editor

Edit images before publishing. Adjust images e.g. rotation, flipping, setting grayscale, removing red eyes and cropping images.

Asset Management

Manage your customized files like images, videos, Adobe PDF files, MS Word documents, and MS Excel documents.

Gallery Boxes

Neosense supports the publishing of large numbers of images on your website.


YouTube Videos

Find videos in Neosense. Drag & drop your favorite video into the text editor.

Google Maps

Add Google Maps to your website. By adding multiple locations in a list you can create your own store and dealer locators.

QR Code

Generate a QR code for mobile devices in Neosense.